Elaine Robson (BEng. Hons , MSc.) is a photographer based in Edinburgh who creates images in the light and dark using a variety of techniques, equipment and chemicals.

Returning home after living abroad for many years, I am inspired by the similarities and differences of urban environments and take delight in exploring culture and genius loci.

From stereoscopic projects back at university to constructing simple solar-graph cannisters. photography is not just about clicking a button but about understanding how we can use the machine to render the images of our imagination.

“The only true voyage of discovery, … would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is…” Marcel Proust

Prints, books and ‘zines all present different ways to allow a viewer to experience the photographs in sequential and temporal contexts and not just as a fleeting flicker of light trapped in a screen. The problem solving aspects of physically making an object continue to intrigue.

Curating and organising exhibitions and other events allows me to engage with other artists and the public.

Collaborating with others to generate ideas , work on projects, learn new skills and pass old skills along is always a pleasure. Please see the links section for organisations I actively participate in.